NPL rose 400% on the first day of listed on Libar Exchange

January 3, 2021, is the 12th anniversary of the launch of Bitcoin, the price of BTC has risen by more than ten million times. It has shown the world the development potential of digital assets. On the same day, the world’s first public chain to reconstruct the trust and transaction mechanism of non-performing assets NPL (Non Performance Loan), listed on South Korea’s Libar Exchange, rose 400% on the first day!


Blockchain technology is applied to non-performing asset business to solve the trust problem. Blockchain will be based on the trust of “people” and transformed to trust based on code + distributed ledger platform, with self-care of business, self-discipline of operation, and decentralized authority. In addition, the anti-tampering and trace ability of the blockchain data on the chain provides a guarantee for the authenticity of the data on the chain.


Blockchain is a new technology, and the NPL (Non Performance Loan) public chain came into being at this time, and actively engaged in related technology research and development, explored the application of blockchain technology, reconstructed bad asset trust and transaction mechanisms, and innovative transaction models , And use new technological means such as the digital economy to explore the blue ocean of the non-performing asset industry and create new vitality for the non-performing asset industry. It will create a new economy of digital assets on a scale of trillions.




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